15 April, 2019:Departmental Committee has agreed to revise the wages of casual labours – file will be put up to the CMD BSNL for early settlement.

BSNL employees union once again raised it’s strong voice in the meeting of departmental committee held on 08th April, 2019, in favour of casual labours. It was the formal meeting, between Director (HR), BSNL, and BSNLEU (CHQ) leadership. On the issue of revision of casual labours wage, Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, raised strong argument before Management and requested for early settlement of the issue. On discussion, it has reported from the Management Side that the Committee already formed to settle the issue has recommended to revise the casual labour wages based on 7th CPC. While Com.Animesh Mitra, SG, BSNL CCWF pointed out that the number of beneficiaries of the casual labourers is very less, but the department is unnecessarily dragging the issue since 3 years. Then, Ms. Sujata T. Ray, Director (HR) ordered the officers in Management Side to put up the file before CMD BSNL with a favourable note to settle the issue without further delay. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU & Vice President, BSNL CCWF, Com.Animesh Mitra, SG, BSNL CCWF and Com.Swapan  Chakraborty, Dy.GS, were present in the meeting.


12 April, 2019:Continuous persuasion of BSNLCCWF has compelled the BSNL Management to issue another important order for the Contract Workers in BSNL.

CHQ has taken serious effort for implementation of the Minimum Wage and Labour acts to the Contract Workers in BSNL. Practically, the Strike Call in December, 2017 by BSNLCCWF had given us the opportunity to be appeared before Chief Labour Commissioner, New Delhi, where we have established the role of indifferent attitude of BSNL Management in this regard. It was good that the BSNL Management was also present there in the meeting with Dy.CLC / ALC in presence of the leadership of BSNLCCWF. A series of discussions held also with CMD, BSNL and Dir. (HR) in the recent past, and we had submitted a good numbers of memorandum also. Lastly, the Corporate Office has issued an order to the BSNL circle Heads to take serious action for implementation of minimum wages and the Labour Laws strictly. The order issued on 26.03.2019 (Order No. 2-2 (Misc./advisory)/2019-WS&I) by Corporate Office has clearly stated that as a principle employer the BSNL management at lower level should take proper initiative to maintain the Wage register and the resister of engagement for the Contract Labours as well as to make the payment of minimum wages and Social Securities. Now, it is the responsibility of Circle Secretary / District Secretary to pursue the matter with the CGM / GM to implement it in real. Please collect the order from our website and discuss the matter with the leadership of BSNLEU at district and Circle Level to proceed further.


12 April, 2019:Modi government attacks on BSNL – VRS for Regular Staff and Retrenchment for the Casual Contract Labours.

In the name of revival of BSNL the Modi government has proposed to introduce the scheme of VRS for the regular staff and at the same time the BSNL Management has issued the order for retrenchment of casual contract workers. It is unfortunate the BSNL Management has also accepted the verdict of PMO office to reduce the staff strength. It is well known to everybody that the staff strength will come down at 50% of it’s present strength with in next 5 years with it’s own normal retirement procedure. They also know that about 70 thousand workforce are engaged at the field level in the name of casual contract labours who are the backbone of the Company to maintain the internal and external day to day job. But the Modi government wants to shut down the BSNL to make happy Reliance Jio. And that is the compulsion of government to take this decision in this election scenario. It is good that most of the unions and associations has already reacted on the issue and send a message to the Management that retrenchment or VRS will not be a good prescription for revival of BSNL. BSNL CCWF calls upon to it’s members to mobilise enmasse in any programme of the trade unions against the VRS or retrenchment of workforce.


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BSNLCCWF is taking up the issues of the casual and contract workers with the government, Chief Labour Commissioner, Communications Minister, DOT as also CMD BSNL and other officers of BSNL. These correspondences will be posted here.


11 April, 2019:Corporate Office has issued another letter to the circle heads for strictly implementation of the Labour Acts for the contract labourers engaged in BSNL.<<view letter>>



23 March, 2019:Non-settlement of the burning issues of casual and contract workers - Memorandum submitted to CMD BSNL on 15.03.2019.<<click here>>


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